How to style your hair simply to look prettier

The hairstyle frames our face and can favor our features, more or less depending on our decisions. Here are some tips on how to look prettier through hairstyle:

Nourish and hydrate your hair: it is clear, the first step will always be to have your hair well hydrated. Not only because you can wear a more beautiful mane, but because with well-groomed hair you can try many more hairstyles. The following Coconut Oil Hair Masks will help you find the best recipe for your hair.
Hairstyles for round faces: use the parting in the middle or a fringed fringe. Short hair without volume and clearing the temples will succeed, so do not hesitate to wear this style. As a hairstyle, we recommend a tied bun or a ponytail with the middle parting, very flat, and with volume in the back (you can card the ponytail or curl it).
Hairstyles for oval faces: side parting or short hair with bangs will be your best options; play with your hair and bet on a paraded half hair that falls on the temples and jaw (to lengthen the face). Velvet waves will be beautiful for this type of face. However, another hairstyle option for an oval face is back hair, gathered in a low bun or ponytail.
Hairstyles for elongated faces: medium hair is the safe bet, just by the height of the shoulders. As you prefer, it can be combined with a fringe or a parting in the middle or side. If you have long hair, be sure to take it very carefully and bet on putting it in high ponytails now and then.

How to look prettier – How to style your hair to look prettier
How to get radiant skin

Healthy, smooth and radiant skin will help you look more beautiful and make you enjoy more health. To achieve this goal, the most crucial thing will be that your face has the necessary hydration, so we recommend you learn how to make moisturizing masks for the face.

Does the day-to-day make tiredness accentuate on your face? In this case, we help you with a homemade mask to remove dark circles. You will need to:

One tomato (packed with antioxidant properties perfect for the skin)
One lemon (the quintessential whitening food)
One blender or mixer

Once you have the ingredients, follow these instructions:

Squeeze the lemon and put the juice together with the tomato (peeled) in the blender.
When everything is mixed and liquid, pour it into a bowl.
Apply the mixture around your eyes for 5 minutes.
After this time, you can remove the ingredients with cold water.

Hydrate your skin

Not only externally with creams and tonics. Also internally. You have to drink a lot of water so that your skin can look 100%. Remember that your exterior reflects your interior.

Coldwater in the mornings

Make it part of your routine, wash your face every morning with cold water; in addition to helping you wake up, it will eliminate the trace of fatigue on your face, firm your skin and make the blood circulate better in the area.

cold water
Perfect eyebrows

The difference between well-defined eyebrows and ones made is abysmal. They are the frame of your face so pay close attention to them.
A healthy diet

We are what we eat; no phrase better explains that your skin will not look good if you do not eat healthily. It is not enough that you do a detox program for a week. You have to change your eating habits, and there is no other way.

healthy diet
A healthy and beautiful smile

A cute and confident smile opens doors and melts hearts. I know that going to the dentist is not a very pleasant experience, but you must do it to keep it healthy and beautiful. It is your best cover letter.

Ideal haircut

Not because a haircut or hair dye is fashionable does it mean that it will be perfect. You have to take into account the type of face you have to take advantage of your beauty.

Highlight your lashes

Mascara is the best tool to make our lashes look long and dominant. But this also damages them little by little, prevents them from growing, and even accelerates their fall. If you want thick and long lashes, you should give them treatments to minimize the damage. A mask of coconut or olive oil every night will help them look divine.