It is essential to dine in a balanced and light way to maintain weight and lose weight. In addition, taking care of the quality of food at this time of day is essential.
Choosing the foods that will make up dinner, the amount of them, and even the time they are eaten are matters directly related to our weight.
The saying “eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince, and dine like a beggar” has a scientific basis. Controlling caloric intake at dinner may be the key; it helps control weight and even improve the quality of your night’s rest.
It is common to hear people in consultation who claim to eat well and balanced during the day but lose control at dinners. This is generally due to cold stress throughout the day and eating tiny and unbalanced meals; when they arrive at the house, they unleash anxiety, destroying the refrigerator or cupboard. They eat more volume and calories in two to three hours, all together, and then go to bed.

"The saying eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince, and dine like a beggar has a scientific basis."

At other times the error is not so much in quantity but in food choice and the disorganization with which dinners are prepared. Those who believe they do not have dinner only make sandwiches, crackers with cheese and cold cuts, etc., which most of the time are hypercaloric and very rich in fat.
An informal dinner does not have to be hypercaloric and unbalanced, and it can be armed with a combined dish, which also helps to control quality by including small amounts of different foods: a protein food (egg white, lean cheeses, natural tuna, fish, turkey ), a vegetable portion (raw or cooked vegetables) and complex and filling carbohydrates (legumes, cereal, pasta). When combining several foods, the portions can be smaller.
There is a belief that an excellent way to lose weight is to stop eating dinner, and although it may work in the short term, the reality is that eliminating this, or another of the important meals of the day, can cause severe eating disorders. If in a previous article we talked about the value of breakfast in our day to day, this time we focus on the importance of dinner.

To underestimate the significant role that dinner plays in our diet is a severe mistake. Thanks to the food we eat at the end of the day, we go to bed well-nourished, which allows us to fix the nutrients while we sleep.

start the next day full of energy.

In addition, dinner has a significant socializing value, allowing family members to meet, thus serving as a setting to share day-to-day experiences. Unfortunately, family dinners are becoming less common, leading to a significant reduction in the time parents, children, and siblings share.

Currently, bad habits are causing severe eating disorders, the amount of junk or junk food that occupies a prominent position on our tables is increasing. These foods are loaded with saturated fat and, nutritionally, they can only cause us problems. In addition to eating inappropriate products, a natural order is not usually followed (first course, second course, and dessert), but the predominant tendency is to eat in a disorderly way, “biting” the first thing we find when we get home. Considering how little time we have left to spend in the kitchen, this may seem understandable; we come home tired and wanting to eat whatever it takes to throw ourselves on the couch. This makes our diet suffer. It is, therefore, necessary to make an effort to change these bad habits and give dinner the importance it deserves.

The last meal of the day has to be perfectly planned, taking into account the rest of the meals so that the balance of the whole day is balanced. We cannot go to bed having eaten anything for dinner. The menu that the children follow at school should also be taken into account so that dinner complements it.
Our ability to fall asleep will be affected by the amount and type of food we eat at dinner. It is, therefore, necessary to apply healthy cooking (steam, baked, boiled in water, etc.) so that we do not need to use a lot of fat. We will also limit the use of solid seasonings or salt. If we do not want sleep to be affected by digestion, we must eat the last meal of the day at least two hours before going to bed.

Finally, we leave you the videos of some dishes specially designed for dinner time. To see the step-by-step of the written recipes, you just have to click on the underlined title.