Women like to look good. This is a fact. Although we have no choice but to go to the beauty salon from time to time; buy expensive and numerous products, etc. The problem is that all this requires an excellent financial investment, but what happens if we are at the end of the month or we do not have money?

Here we share five homemade tricks that will allow us to see ourselves more beautiful, even if we do not weigh. The first thing to remember is that, before any beauty procedure, we must maintain maximum cleanliness on our skin. For this, you don’t need the cream advertised on television; You only need plenty of water, a mild-neutral soap, and a lot of discipline.

Makeup is a beautiful tool, it helps us significantly highlight our beauty, but it does not mean that it is the only way to look beautiful. Our natural beauty has been a slight hangover because of him. So once in a while, put it aside and learn to trust your naturalness.

These tips will help you to enhance it without the need to put on makeup.
Hydrate your skin

Not only externally with creams and tonics. Also internally. You have to drink a lot of water so that your skin can look 100%. Remember that your exterior reflects your interior.

Coldwater in the mornings

Make it part of your routine; wash your face every morning with cold water. In addition to helping you wake up, it will eliminate the trace of fatigue on your face, firm your skin and make the blood circulate better in the area.

Perfect eyebrows

The difference between well-defined eyebrows and ones made is abysmal. They are the frame of your face so pay close attention to them.

A healthy diet

We are what we eat, and there is no phrase that better explains that your skin will not look good if you do not eat healthily. It is not enough that you do a detox program for a week; you have to change your eating habits, there is no other way.

In this cold season, please do not leave the house without lip balm. In winter, your lips suffer a lot so remember to exfoliate them once a week and hydrate them in the morning (before putting on makeup) and at night. To correct and give life to chapped lips, smear them with honey before going to bed. The chaps will disappear in no time.

On many occasions, after a day of hard work, we have just enough time to get ready before going to that dinner to which we have been invited for weeks, but our face looks tired and dull. To restore its natural splendor, put into practice this advice that will take you a few minutes:

In a container, place ice cubes, take a bath, dry your face, place the facial wipe for a few seconds in the ice that will have already melted a little, and place it on your face for a few seconds. Repeat two or three more times, pat your face dry with the towel, and you are ready to put on your makeup.

It is crucial to stop at makeup during the cold season. It is essential to use a makeup base all over the face; In addition to unifying the skin tone, it will help you protect the face from external aggressions.

All women hate dark circles. The good news is that we can correct them without spending a lot of money. , in a container, you grate an unpeeled potato, put a little milk, and add some breadcrumbs to form a paste; This is placed in two gauze pads, one in each eye, and left to act for 15 minutes. You will get good results.

Remember that resting and sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day is also beneficial to look radiant and natural. If you add to this the consumption of natural water and the practice of exercise, you will not only look more beautiful, but you will be healthy inside and out. Beware!
A healthy and beautiful smile

A cute and confident smile opens doors and melts hearts. I know that going to the dentist is not a very pleasant experience, but you must do it to keep it healthy and beautiful. It is your best cover letter.
Ideal haircut

Not because a haircut or hair dye is fashionable does it mean that it will be perfect. You have to take into account the type of face you have to take advantage of your beauty.


Mascara is the best tool to make our lashes look long and dominant. But this also damages them little by little, prevents them from growing, and even accelerates their fall. If you want thick and long lashes, you should give them treatments to minimize the damage. A mask of coconut or olive oil every night will help them look divine.

Always use sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only for beach days but for every day of the year. You must protect your skin from UV rays, thus delaying skin aging, spots, and diseases.