Benefits for the skin

jojoba oil
Hydrates rejuvenate and prevent cell damage.


It hydrates in-depth due to its concentration in ceramides that promote hydration, and unlike other oils, Jojoba does not leave a greasy feeling. In addition, its moisturizing properties prevent dehydration of the skin.
Diminishes wrinkles

It prevents cell damage caused by free radicals and therefore slows down aging. By promoting the segregation of collagen and elastin, its application on wrinkles can reduce them by 25%.
Regenerates the skin

Thanks to the linoleic acid and antioxidants that it provides, it regenerates the skin and facilitates the elimination of dead cells.
Natural remedy against acne

Combat the solution against acne, pimples, and blackheads
Reduces blemishes

Reduces blemishes, scars, and other skin imperfections.

Benefits of jojoba oil for hair

jojoba oil
Strengthens hair and leaves it healthy and shiny.

Cleanses the scalp

Deep cleans the scalp.
Avoid excess sebum

The agents it contains regulate the natural pH, thus preventing excess sebum on the hair.
Prevents dandruff

It also prevents fungal infections thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
More shine and volume

Increase the shine and volume of the hair.
Avoid frizz

Produces an anti-frizz effect and cares for split ends.
Natural conditioner

The usual conditioners are used as it contains chemicals and gently detangles the hair.
Avoid hair loss

Facilitates hair growth and combats nutritional deficiencies that cause hair loss.
Promotes hair growth

Stimulate the circulation of the scalp, which increases the growth of new hair.

Jojoba oil is a natural product extracted from the seeds of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant, commonly referred to as Jojoba. For hundreds of years, Jojoba Oil was recognized and used by the ancient Aztecs, who attributed its excellent properties to soothe and hydrate the skin and hair. Recent research confirms that Aztec legends are far surpassed by the properties of jojoba oil, with a chemical composition similar to the ceramides in our skin.

The composition of this oil is 96% ceramides, so we could call it liquid wax. This composition makes it uniquely stable against heat and oxidation, keeping its properties intact and not altering over time. Unlike other oils, it is not greasy or sticky to the touch.

Benefits and properties

Jojoba oil is 96% composed of ceramides, fats very similar to those generated by the skin itself. Therefore, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy sensation.
–Soothes and regulates the dermal pH, optimizing hydration, and due to its richness in vitamin E, it protects the skin against oxidative damage.
–It balances and is not very greasy, so it is good for both oily and sensitive skin.
-Contributes to regulating excessive sebaceous secretion, which, together with its light texture, makes it ideal for younger skin.
-In the case of dandruff or hair oil, we recommend massaging the scalp with jojoba oil. It helps dissolve the remains of glandular secretion that clogs the hair follicles, and its keratin content nourishes the hair.

Taller Madreselva has two ecological formats of this precious oil, extracted from the first cold pressing. Now that you know all its benefits. Are you going to run out of it? Run!
Many body oils to hydrate and leave the skin sublime. Also, many that we can use on the hair to soften it and control frizz. But do you know that there is one that we can use for hair and body? It is jojoba oil, which, as Antonio Galán de Mera, professor of Botany at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid, tells us, comes from a shrub from Arizona’s deserts. He tells us that it has begun to be cultivated in other parts of the world, especially in South America. He assures that it is an oil extracted from the seeds and has many benefits. Among them, it stands out:

Jojoba oil has antioxidant compounds, which is why it has anti-aging properties.
It is a humectant, so it maintains the skin and hair moisture and is a very interesting oil in cosmetics.
It has a substance that is capable of eliminating free radicals
It has vitamin E and vitamin D; that is, it exerts a protective effect on the skin
It is astringent, so it helps us fight skin conditions such as stretch marks, hardness of the feet, or the acne

The oil commonly used to eliminate pimples is that of tea tree, and you have surely heard of it. However, unlike this, Jojoba has no risk of burns because, like olive, it is a fixed oil and not an essential oil. According to Galán de Mera, fixed oils are those that do not volatilize. An essential oil volatilizes, which is why it is used as a perfume. Although the risks are lower when used topically, the expert tells us that we should only trust the jojoba oils that they sell in pharmacies and herbalists because only then can we be sure that they have passed all the quality controls that the Spanish legislation determines.

Asked about the use of jojoba oil for hair, the stylist and CEO of Divinas Peluqueros Beatriz Fernández tells us that it also has many benefits. She says that jojoba oil is more natural and smoother than argan oil. As De Mera has told us, one and the other are especially similar even though the second is a little darker, but for the hair, Fernández trusts the Jojoba one more. “It retains a bit more moisture in the fibers, which favors capillary hydration,” says the specialist. She recognizes that neither of the two (neither the argan nor the Jojoba) are too greasy, but they do nourish and hydrate. “Although the argan one became very fashionable, the jojoba one I like more, among other things because the argan one rancid more easily,” says the expert. Beatriz Fernández also assures that “jojoba oil works very well to rebalance the sebaceous function of the skin in both oily and dry skin” and that “the same happens with hair.” Fernández assures that jojoba oil rehydrates bleached and damaged hair and tells us that it can neutralize the production of sebum in very oily hair. The hairdresser also likes this oil to the detriment of others because it is not excessively unctuous and has more of a wax appearance. In addition, another reason why she trusts this product is because of the extraction processes from which it is obtained. “They make me more confident,” she says. And she refers to the countries of origin of jojoba oil as well as those of argan oil.